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About Chetna
Childhood Enhancement through Training and Action (CHETNA) is a non-profit organization working for empowerment of Street and Working Children (SWC) in Delhi and adjoining states. We empower these children with alternative education and 18 well-crafted child centered activities like recreation, life skill workshops, exposure visits, visits to police stations and primary health centers, residential workshops, etc.
Our Vision
Achieving child friendly society and system which ensures rights of survival, protection, development and participation of the child.
We Believe
A child is on the street not by choice but by compulsion. The push and pull factors, like poverty, urbanization, abusive social environment, dysfunctional education system, aspirations, etc. are responsible for his/her condition. Street and Working Children (SWC) are direct victims of these unsavory socio-economic conditions. We believe that SWC are no different to others and their rights are no exception. They are part of this country as any other individual and they should be treated like every other citizen of this country.
Our Approach
CHETNA firmly believes that participation leads to empowerment. This is realized by making children participate in the organization’s programs as an inherent component giving them opportunity to get involved in conceiving, designing and implementing the activities. Participatory approach with children is cherished as a core value within CHETNA.
CHETNA in Media
Child situation in our Society

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